Home Theater Installations

Home Theater Installations

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We aim to provide the best Vancouver home theatre installations. We would love to schedule a free consult where we offer great designs and equipment recommendations for your room. We will provide unbiased informative solutions to your home theater needs and work with you to come up with the perfect setup.


In-wall & in-ceiling

Vancouver Home Theatre Installations need to be conducted according to the city’s codes. We will run all the correct certified speaker wires in the walls and route them all to a central location where all the components will be housed. We use professional wall plates to create a very high-end finish and utilize industry leader Ice Cable Reference Speaker wiring. Trust us to do it right.


Woodwork. Sound Dampening.

Let our skilled carpenters create custom millwork pieces for your room. Whether it be wood paneling, custom A/V cabinetry, or built-ins to house your speakers, we will strive to offer the very best in craftsmanship and attention to detail. For new homes or full remodeling, we can even install acoustic sound-deadening drywall (zero-sound drywall), and use sound dampening materials such as sound panels, drapes or carpeting.


Big picture.

We carry projectors with the latest cutting edge technologies to deliver the best picture for your room. Let us recommend the perfect projector and screen that would deliver the best picture for your room. We take into consideration the distance from the screen to the projector, the size of the screen and the room, and the amount of ambient light in the room. All of these factors are important in getting the best picture.


Rack Mounts. Amplifiers. More.

At the heart of every home theatre room lies the components where all the magic originates. Let us select the perfect components that will deliver a mind-blowing cinematic experience. We sell multichannel preamplifiers and amplifiers, blu-ray players, media streamers, networking equipment and all the wires and cables to connect it all. We even carry rack mounts to house everything and keep everything cool.


In-wall. In-ceiling. Custom Built-in.

We carry speakers to fit any budget and ones that will cater to your room size. Whether it be full size towers, bookshelfs, ceiling or in-wall speakers we carry it all. We specialize in installing speakers in your room so that they are unobtrusive and match your room’s decor. Let our skilled technicians place them at the correct positions so that they deliver optimal surround sound dynamics.


Best seat in the house.

We carry various home theatre seating to match your room’s decor. They can come with reclining capabilities and cup holders. Want to have multiple rows? Our skilled carpenters can build staggered seating so that the row behind has a perfect viewing angle without getting blocked.


Set the mood.

A home theater is all about creating a dedicated viewing experience, so to limit distractions, ambient lighting is your best choice. Hanging or suspended fixtures and lamp lights can reflect on the screen or cause uneven lighting of a projected image. Lights should be dimmable, and remote controlled. Let our certified AV electricians install our preferred lighting options for a home theater: recessed lighting, wall sconces, LED or fiber optic lighting strips in the floor or above the crown molding.


One remote to rule them all.

Looking to control your Projector, components, and lighting with one remote and from your smartphones and teblets? We have the perfect remote RF systems for you. It can even control your components without line of sight.

Dolby Atmos is here!

Dolby is calling Atmos "the most significant development in cinema audio since surround sound" – and now it's available for your home cinema.

The Dolby Atmos system places speakers above the audience. But it’s more than just shoving a few speakers in the ceiling. The actual Atmos system lets film makers place sound elements in a 3D space. With 5.1 and 7.1 systems, when you want to create the illusion that someone is behind the audience you just throw that sound to those speakers. It’s a speaker based system. With Atmos, instead of pushing a sound to a particular speaker, it’s pushed to a place in a 3D space. For example, to create the illusion of  a helicopter flying overhead the sound engineering doesn’t pick which speaker the sound of the helicopter will come out of. Instead, the engineer picks a point in a 3D space and the Atmos system automatically adjusts the sound coming of the appropriate speaker.  Out team at Modsterz Technology specializes in creating perfect Dolby Atmos Home Cinemas. Call us today to book a free consult.

Recreates the director's original concept through descriptive metadata to provide customized playback for home theater

Delivers sounds above you through overhead speakers

“I recently bought a place with an ugly hole in the wall TV console that was meant for those big, thick 90s TVs and it was just an extremely awkward space to look at and work with. I inquired about putting in a mount for a 50″ plasma TV over top, yet still wanted to use the space behind as storage and was extremely pleased with my experience. Shaun was extremely helpful and prompt in his responses from my initial inquiry through the end. He and Joe came in, explained how the mount would and would not work, and came in the next day with the necessary custom-made wood rods. The entire process took 2 maybe 2.5 hours, including a 2nd TV in the bedroom. Amazing! I highly recommend Modsterz as a company to consider for your AV and TV mounting needs. Even if you think you can’t do anything with a certain space, I am confident that these guys will be able to find you a solution that fits your budget. See you guys later when we get a house!”
Vivian R.
“Ben C …. I Concur!!! Shaun is THE most knowledge, friendly and passionate guy I know of in the electronics and computer industry. My first experience with Shaun was in 2008. Shaun and his awesome staff proposed an idea for a custom home theater and before I knew it, Shaun had pulled a rabbit out of his hat and created a home theater that still gets raved about today. Besides being easy going, talented and knowledgeable, Shaun will always take the time to explain things to you. He is available virtually anytime you have a question and he is most definitely my “Go To Guy” when it comes to anything Technology. Can’t ask for anything more. Why in the world would you go to a big boxed store for electronics, pay too much and then get no follow up service. Boutique style outfits like Modsterz backed with talent like Shauns- WIN/WIN! Appreciate all you do Shaun!”
Sunny S.
CEO and Founder Entrepreneurs Academy

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