Commercial Audio Speaker Installations

Commercial Audio Speaker Installations

Experts in Commercial Audio Speaker Installation, Modsterz Technology Inc. carries the insurances, bonding and certifications needed to work in all commercial settings. Whether it be a construction site, or an operational restaurant, we can guarantee all work done will meet and exceed all city code standards.


We can work with the client or the developer to come up with a solution that will best fit the budget and the space. We carry a wide selection of audio solutions to cater to a number of different needs.


Let our experienced certified electricians guide you through your next commercial sound distribution project.

Some of our Commercial Audio Services

Whether you’re looking for speakers for your restaurant or for a paging system in your office building with background music, we can do it!


Background Music & Paging.

Ceiling speakers are built into the ceiling so that they are flush with the ceiling surface. This type of installation is ideal in situations where the speakers are to be hidden so that they won’t disrupt the interior décor, and is a common choice for distributing BGM throughout a facility. The broad coverage and relative lack of directionality of ceiling speakers is an advantage for the latter application. Ceiling speakers are sometimes used in a supplemental support role in larger installations, in the same way that surface mount speakers are.


Big Sound for Big Spaces.

These are usually speaker systems in a box-type enclosure that are mounted on a wall or ceiling. Surface mounting is the most basic speaker installation method. Surface mounted speakers are sometimes used for primary output in small to medium size facilities, or as secondary support speakers in large halls or event spaces where the main speakers alone aren’t able to provide sufficient intelligibility throughout the entire listening area.


Central AV Controls.

Having an easy access to all your AV components is very important. We provide the perfect equipment rack for you space that can house all your valuable components safely, securely and organized. Another important factor is keeping all the equipment cool. We properly configure our racks to have proper thermal controls.

AV Components

Call us today to inquire on the perfect components for your place!


Quality & Reliability.

From our experience we have learned that using quality audio products from reputable manufacturers pays dividend in the long run. Benefits such as reliability to sonic quality have solidified our choice in Yamaha’s commercial installation solutions. From small commercial facilities to the largest halls and theaters, input to output, Yamaha offers complete packages that deliver superior sonic performance, versatility, and dependability. Take advantage of performance that’s backed up by a history of musical instrument manufacture that began in 1889, an illustrious track record in acoustic design for music venues, plus some of the most advanced audio technology available anywhere.

Passionate About Our Clients

Our commercial AV integrations speaks for themselves. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

“I recently bought a place with an ugly hole in the wall TV console that was meant for those big, thick 90s TVs and it was just an extremely awkward space to look at and work with. I inquired about putting in a mount for a 50″ plasma TV over top, yet still wanted to use the space behind as storage and was extremely pleased with my experience. Shaun was extremely helpful and prompt in his responses from my initial inquiry through the end. He and Joe came in, explained how the mount would and would not work, and came in the next day with the necessary custom-made wood rods. The entire process took 2 maybe 2.5 hours, including a 2nd TV in the bedroom. Amazing! I highly recommend Modsterz as a company to consider for your AV and TV mounting needs. Even if you think you can’t do anything with a certain space, I am confident that these guys will be able to find you a solution that fits your budget. See you guys later when we get a house!”
Vivian R.
“Ben C …. I Concur!!! Shaun is THE most knowledge, friendly and passionate guy I know of in the electronics and computer industry. My first experience with Shaun was in 2008. Shaun and his awesome staff proposed an idea for a custom home theater and before I knew it, Shaun had pulled a rabbit out of his hat and created a home theater that still gets raved about today. Besides being easy going, talented and knowledgeable, Shaun will always take the time to explain things to you. He is available virtually anytime you have a question and he is most definitely my “Go To Guy” when it comes to anything Technology. Can’t ask for anything more. Why in the world would you go to a big boxed store for electronics, pay too much and then get no follow up service. Boutique style outfits like Modsterz backed with talent like Shauns- WIN/WIN! Appreciate all you do Shaun!”
Sunny S.
CEO and Founder Entrepreneurs Academy

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